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The Flood Geology Series
Awesome Science Media Presents:Mount St. Helens -
Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood


In 1980 Mount St. Helens erupted and quickly became known as "God's gift to Creationists". Thirty years later geologist Dr. Steve Austin returns to the volcanic monument to share about the catastrophic processes which reshaped the terrain and how they support the Biblical record of earth's history.

He presents his research on how the events at Mount St. Helens reveal catastrophic processes in other geologic features such as the Grand Canyon and the petrified forests at Yellowstone. The formation of these features have been thought to have taken millions of years, but because of the events at Mount St. Helens, can now be explained by catastrophic processes, especially the Global Flood as recorded in the Bible.


  1. Rapid Strata Formation
  2. Rapid Erosion
  3. Logs and Log Deposits
  4. Peat and Coal Formation
  5. Biological Recovery
  6. What the Mountain Teaches Us

Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Awesome Science Media

Edition Details:

  • Region 0 (Playable Everywhere), NTSC
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Format: Color, Widescreen, Single DVD, NTSC
  • Running Time: Approx. 37 minutes
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 609722630405

The Flood Geology Series Summary

This series takes leading scientists in the field of geology, chemistry, and meteorology and explores evidence for the global Flood around the world. Instead of speaking in a lecture hall or church, these scientists venture out to the geological locations to show the viewer first hand the evidence for how the Flood impacted the earth in a catastrophic manner. Scientists include Dr. Steve Austin, Michael Oard, and Dennis Bokovoy.

Bio of Producer, Kyle Justice

This DVD is produced by Emmy-nominated director, Kyle Justice. His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The Family Channel, and Fox Sports. Kyle started Awesome Science Media in 2010, and has been producing creation science programming since 1996.

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Completely Convincing

    Posted by Brian Wilson on Jul 3rd 2018

    This video is somewhat brief but power packed with continual on scene video and photographs with corresponding explanations by Dr. Austin. It's a very easy to follow video and it doesn't require a person to have pre existing knowledge of geology in order to understand what is being shown and explained. This video explores the catastrophic nature and detailed consequences of Mt St Helens and how it allows or provides a template for interpreting many other geological phenomena such as the Grand Canyon. Just a few observable evidences within the video quickly provide incontrovertible evidence against uniformitarianism as the method for interpreting geology. I consider this video to be one of the most important within this geology series as well as highly important for my personal interest.

  • 4
    Very clear and informative

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 18th 2017

    This video is fairly short, but it's packed full of good stuff. Using almost constant pictures, footage, sweeping video footage and on scene video and photography, it explains and highlights in simple terms, the major occurrences and phenomena at Mt St Helens which reveal what is claimed by evolutionists or what would appear as something that would take millions of something rather, that is a result of natural catastrophe and phenomena. It is very scientific but doesn't use heavy creationism or heavy Biblical overtones. It is a video that is good for a Christian or non Christian. I would have liked just a little more detail to each chapter issue, but it did cover everything pretty well and was very satisfying. It's a very well balanced video. Good expertise. is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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