The Great Missoula Flood DVD

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The Flood Geology Series
Awesome Science Media Presents:The Great Missoula Flood -
Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood

Meteorologist Michael Oard takes you on a tour down the path of the Missoula Flood, from Montana to Oregon. He presents evidence for only one Missoula Flood happening catastrophically at the end of the Ice Age. Michael addresses the controversy of the Missoula Flood from when Bretz first proposed it back in the 1920?s to present day.

He also presents evidence for only one Ice Age caused by the Global Flood only a few thousand years ago. Finally, he shares how we can use the Missoula Flood to recognize geologic features around the world caused by the global Flood.


  1. Introduction
  2. Glacial Lake Missoula (:59)
  3. Flood in Bible History (2:28)
  4. Ancient Lake Shorelines (4:08)
  5. Ancient Lake Sediments (8:23)shows
  6. Glacial Moraines (10:55)
  7. Ripple Marks (11:59)
  8. J. Harlan Bretz (13:08)
  9. Worldview Conflict (17:07)
  10. Overdeepened Lakes (19:53)
  11. Gravel Bars (21:54)
  12. Ice Dam Breaking (24:32)
  13. The Scablands (26:48)
  14. The Coulees (30:34)
  15. Basalt Erosion (33:36)
  16. Dry Falls (38:32)
  17. The Ephrata Fan (43:31)
  18. Frenchman Coulee (45:38)
  19. Palouse Canyon (48:25)
  20. Silt Hills & Ripples (53:00)
  21. Chaotic Rhythmites (56:06)
  22. Burlingame Canyon (58:42)
  23. Mysterious Ash Layer (1:06:02)
  24. Wallula Rhythmites (1:10:31)
  25. Wallula Gap (1:13:22)
  26. McMinville Erratic (1:17:41)
  27. What We Learn (1:19:20)
  28. Credits (1:20:55)

Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Awesome Science Media
  • Interview with Mike Oard
  • Interview with Kyle Justice

Edition Details:

  • Region 0 (Playable Everywhere), NTSC
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Format: Color, Widescreen, Single DVD, NTSC
  • Running Time: Approx. 82 minutes
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 783583359818

The Flood Geology Series Summary

This series takes leading scientists in the field of geology, chemistry, and meteorology and explores evidence for the global Flood around the world. Instead of speaking in a lecture hall or church, these scientists venture out to the geological locations to show the viewer first hand the evidence for how the Flood impacted the earth in a catastrophic manner. Scientists include Dr. Steve Austin, Michael Oard, and Dennis Bokovoy.

Bio of Producer, Kyle Justice

This DVD is produced by Emmy-nominated director, Kyle Justice. His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The Family Channel, and Fox Sports. Kyle started Awesome Science Media in 2010, and has been producing creation science programming since 1996.

1 Review

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    Overwhelming Evidence

    Posted by Brian Wilson on Jul 4th 2018

    This video comprehensively examines the geological features and terrain of the American Northwest to show, through video, photography, topography and on site commentary, that this particular region suffered an enormous flood. The video may begin slowly but the evidences keep building and building throughout the presentation to show proof of an ice age and flood that serious contradicts uniformitarianism. I gave it only 4 stars because I think it could have better utilized the topographic maps along with some computer graphics to give a bigger image of the flood but the video is convincing enough nonetheless. This is another video in the geology series that shows how uniformitarianism and evolutionary models, simply deny the obvious. is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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