Agapeland 9-CD Set

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Get the Complete 9-CD Agapeland Package!
Get the Music Machine 3-CD Set
Bullfrogs & Butterflies 4-CD Set
Nathaniel the Grublet CD Sir Oliver's Song CD Now Available in One Money-Saving 9-CD Set!

Perhaps one of the most influential music products ever made for children… the Agapeland producers influenced a generation! And now they are doing it again with the re-release of all the classic Agapeland favorites on CD! You and your children will visit the colorful garden kingdom of Agapeland in this classic music 9-CD set. Stevie and Nancy explore the realm of the Majesty the King... and they see and hear the famous Music Machine with all its bells and whistles.

Amazing and delightful productions that kids will love while learning valuable lessons!

Features the voice of Pat Boone. 


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