Auto B Good - Rules of the Road DVD

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Auto-B-Good: Premium Grade Values, Full Throttle Fun!
Rules of the Road
Welcome to the City of Auto…Where Cars & Trucks Come to Life!
Drive the Road of Fun,Excitement and Wonder!

Auto-B-Good is the Emmy™ Award winning animated series that teaches great lessons in character development to children ages 4-10. Currently airing on Public Television stations across the United States and expanding around the world, this series is one of the most popular character education series today. The Public School Edition is the hands-down favorite of educators and students alike and is utilized in over 4500 schools nationwide.

Auto-B-Good Special Edition: Rules of the Road - Join the cars as they fill up their tanks with life-changing lessons on uniqueness, truthfulness and self-reliance! With 3 brand-new music videos wrapping up each story and a bonus episode on tolerance and patience, children will gain the fuel they need for life!

Episode 1 - Izzi and the Giant (Uniqueness)
There's a new vehicle in town... and he's different! He's gigantic and must be up to no good - or so Johnny and Cali think. Can the difference be enough to save them from enormous danger?
Music video: No One Like Yourself

Episode 2 - Slippery Slope (Truthfulness)
Only a few more days before the 4x4 championships and Maria has been training very hard. Will her desire to win become an obstacle she can't overcome?
Music video: Landslide

Episode 3 - Gopher It (Self-Reliance)
It's a camping trip! Everyone is going - all except Cali, who is left alone for the very first time. When unexpected visitors pop up, it's up to her to save the day!
Music video: My God is the Only One

Bonus episode - A Mile in Their Tires (Tolerance)
Johnny and Miles are friends, as are Cali and Maria, but their differences begin causing problems. Will they still be friends after driving a mile on each other's road? Bonus episode - Cooler Heads Prevail (Patience) The world just can't keep up with Johnny's speed. When Derek points this out to his friend, tempers flare. Can they look beyond their anger to save Maria and Izzi?


  • Emmy® Awards
  • Category 26B: Audio - Post-Production (Season 2, episode 202: Movie "FX" - 2006)
  • Category 27A: Musical Composition/Arrangement (Season 2, episode 202: Movie "FX" - 2006)
  •  Category 30C: Graphic Arts - Animation (Season 1 - 2005, Season 2 - 2006)
  •  Category 11: Children/Youth Program Feature/Segment/Special (Season 2 - 2006)
  • Aurora Awards
  •  Platinum Best in Show - Social Issues Instruction
  •  Gold Award - Ethics Instruction
  •  Gold Award - Special Effects and Animation
  • Telly Awards
  • Excellence in Animation
  • Educational Resources
  • Government Resources
  • Dove Foundation Seal of Approval

Edition Details:

  •  Region 0 (Compatible Worldwide), NTSC
  •  Category: Children
  •  Ages: 4 to 10
  •  Single DVD
  •  Running Time: 60 minutes
  •  Language: English
  •  UPC: 807622070592
  • Bonus Episodes: A Mile in Their Tires (Tolerance) & Cooler Heads Prevail (Patience) 

Customer Reviews:

"The kids have a great time watching their 'cars.' It's fun and teaches great lessons. Calli, always makes me laugh too!"
(A. R. - Norcross, GA)

"Love it! My kids can't get enough of these crazy car characters… and it's building character in them as the watch."
(R. A. - Oceanside, CA)

"Very well produced! My son and daughter love this program (my daughter, Krissy, likes it even more than her brother Jeremy) and I think the animation is WONDERFUL!"
(B. B. - Carmel, IN)

"Our family really enjoys the Auto B Good DVDs. We have Episodes 1, 2 and 3… we will be purchasing the entire set! Our thanks to the producers of this amazing children's series!"
(G. G. - Nashville, TN)

Customer Reviews

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