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Once in a Generation,
A Comedian Comes Along who Speaks to Everyone…
Today, that Comedian is Known Simply as...

Michael Jr. - DVD/CD Set

• "Hysterical while compelling."
- John Tesh & Connie Celica • "It's truly amazing!" - Brad Garrett
• "Makes a grown man laugh and cry."
-Ted Baehr, Movie Guide

Comedy: The Road Less Traveled has received two Official Best of Fest (OBOF) awards in the Films to Inspire and Films to Make You Laugh categories. By way of its vast network of film festival curators from the world's top festivals, Official Best of Fest sees the majority of films completed each year through the film festival submission process and seeks to identify the top 5% made in each a category. Winning an OBOF award seal lets the consumer know that this is a film and filmmaker to watch.

Headliner, comedian Michael Jr. has performed on notable television shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Comedy Central and Jimmy Kimmel Live and has performed on the top comedy club stages all over the country. But it is his compassion for the hurting that took him to his most prominent stages. In his critically acclaimed directorial debut Comedy: The Road Less Traveled, Michael makes you laugh hysterically and simultaneously reminds you to be a better person.

Comedy: The Road Less Traveled is a documentary that illustrates the complexity of performing comedy in a prison, a home for abused children, an HIV treatment center and for the homeless in Los Angeles and how laughter unites people in a common understanding. Michael's unique and uncompromising perspective on giving laughter is life changing. This behind the scenes portrait is a thought provoking journey into the realities facing a broken community and their need to feel human again.

Comedy: The Road Less Traveled has been featured and used for focus groups at many venues across the country hoping to inspire people to take action in their communities, and it's working. People who see this film are motivated to help their community's most vulnerable people and improving their quality of life.

* About "Official Best of Fest"

OBOF is a cutting edge organization that employs an army of curators who attend the world's top film festivals on the lookout for the best of the best undistributed shorts and features.
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Funny for a Reason CD includes these 17 hilarious audio tracks:

Intro Michael Jr. * Dating * My Start in Comedy * A Job * At the Airport * James * Bottled Water * Community College * We Different * Autos Talking * Being Dad * Prize Patrol * Los Angeles Club * Just Jogging * MJ - I was Wondering * A Professional * The Reason

Michael's unique comedic approach is proven extremely appealing to diverse audiences across the country. Powerful, clever, refreshing, and captivating. Michael wields his art effortlessly. His style is subtle yet hilarious, constantly catching the audience off-guard with humor found in everyday experiences. His humor is truly "another brand of comedy."

About Michael Jr.:
Comedian George Wallace offered Michael Jr. his first break when he took him to the legendary Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, home of Jay Leno and The Tonight Show staff. The club's owner slipped Michael onstage…and a week later Michael was performing at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, where he became the first comedian to ever appear live via satellite on The Tonight Show. That performance catapulted Michael's career and has resulted in additional appearances on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, TV One, The Late, Late Show, BET, Jim my Kimmel Live, SiTV, and The Byron Allen Show. His clean comedy has earned him national crossover appeal giving him a platform on both church and comedy club stages. It is this versatility that has enabled Michael to author a children's book - The Parts We Play and to have made his directorial debut with Comedy: The Road Less Traveled.

Some notable articles about Michael Jr.:

• "Humor for the hurting. Comedian Michael Jr. is taking his routine to those who most need to laugh... the down and out, the lost and lonely." Mark Morning - Christianity Today. Click Here to see Article

• "Laughter that moves you" Cornerstone Connection Christian Magazine. Click Here to see Article

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  • Starring: Michael Jr.
  • Format: 1 DVD, Color, Stereo, Region 0 (Compatible Worldwide), NTSC
  • Running Time: 69 Minutes plus Bonus Features
  • Format: 1 CD - 17 Tracks
  • Language: English
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Customer Reviews

"A video that is funny, clean, fresh and fun. And, not least, with a purpose. A wonderful look at how we can all give of our unique talents. Thanks Michael Jr."
(P. E. - CA)

"Michael Jr. is a great asset to comedy. He is a great comedian and clean. What I most enjoyed is that no foul language was used. Everyone needs a little more laughter in their lives and Michael Jr. is great at providing good clean entertainment. Thank you Michael Jr. and God Bless."
(R. M. - MI)

"Comedy as a purpose? Yes, comedy can have a purpose. Most comedians go on stage to get a laugh, but Michael Jr. goes on stage to bring an opportunity to laugh…TO EVERYONE! Watch how this genuinely funny man is moved by a chance glance, moved to share his comedy in a new way because of a homeless man. It not only makes you laugh, but it makes you cry and hopefully makes you think. The bottom line is: everyone desires a good laugh. How about you?"
(K. Z. - NT)

"Serious Inspiration without being Serious. After seeing Michael Jr. live, I purchased the dvd. Comedians with a message miss the connection that Michael Jr. makes with his audiences. Instead of speaking to a crowd that is comfortable and can afford the price of a ticket, Michael brings his humor to people who desperately need the gift of laughter. The responses sampled in the video inspire me to connect with those who have not had the blessings I have had in my life. I recommend this dvd to anyone who has a strong heart center and wants to find a way to create a better world. Michael Jr. has his finger on the pulse on what the hurting need."
(A. K. - CO)

"Comedy: The Road Less Traveled is not just a DVD of stand up comedy. The DVD documentary shows Michael Jr. on a mission to bring laughter to people who otherwise don't get enough of it. It is inspirational, emotional, beautiful and of course, FUNNY! Michael Jr. is a very talented comedian who is funny without being crude or rude and without cursing. It is hard to find a comedian who is genuinely funny and doesn't feel the need to include an "F" word every 5-10 seconds. I have had the pleasure of seeing Michael Jr. perform and if you get the chance to, I would highly recommend it. In the meantime, add this DVD to your collection."
(E. R. - FL)

"Comedy: The Road Less Traveled is very real. You'll get the context soon enough. Sure, he takes his show into some of the least "funny" places around, and that's powerful to watch. But what really hit me about Michael Jr., and why I paid for this movie way before he finished it, is that he tells us something that we NEED to know. People are all the same. We are all having our own experiences but at the core we are the same. And laughter is something that brings folks back to source faster than any other form of message. This movie will make you laugh and make you cry but most importantly it will make you think about where in your own life can you break a barrier and create a moment? A moment of friendship, of grace, of laughter, of joy. It only takes listening to your heart and taking action. This movie is a blessing and a treat and is a phenomenal gift from an incredibly funny man who can deliver the most real clean humor you'll ever experience. You can watch it for a laugh, and you can watch it to remember what is truly important on this planet: human connections."
(G. R. - WA)


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