Role of Prayer: In Spiritual Awakening - DVD

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Can prayer really make a difference? Find out in this powerful message by Dr J Edwin Orr
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Does Prayer Really Make a Difference?
What Part Does Prayer Have in Revival?


How many times have wanted to change your life and help transform the world around you? Well, you can, through the power of prayer.

That's precisely why this program was created... to assist you in helping bring the world closer to God... and to expand and facilitate your personal relationship with God, through the              remarkable power of prayer!

The world renowned authority on prayer, the late Dr. J. Edwin Orr , explains how your focused prayers can affect your community, city, state, nation and world. Dr. Orr illustrates how the spiritual revivals of the past are the direct result of concerted and united prayer. You'll learn how your prayers will lead you into a deeper personal worship experience of God and how prayer will actually change your family, church, business and neighborhood.

Drawing from his immense knowledge of the historical information on revivals, Dr. Orr carefully outlines how all great spiritual awakenings began as result of Christians uniting together for prayer. In his closing remarks, he states strongly how Christians today can spark a great revival, it they "promote explicit agreement and visible union of all God's people in extraordinary prayer."

By the end of his life, Dr. J. Edwin Orr had become the foremost authority on the subject of spiritual revivals and awakenings. He earned his Ph.D. at Oxford University where he was distinguished member of the Oxford Association for Research in Revival. Dr. Orr came to the United States from England as an evangelist. He earned a Th.D. at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and then entered the United States Air Force as a chaplain during World War II. He traveled to more than 150 countries teaching about prayer and wrote several books on the subject.

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