The Case for Christ/Passion of the Prophecies 2 DVD Pack

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Get The Case for Christ Documentary DVD and The Prophecies of the Passion DVD together at a special value of $14.99 for this Easter!
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Special Easter 2 DVD Pack Offer $14.99

The Case for Christ DVD is a documentary based on the true story of how noted and award winning former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune Lee Strobel's journey from atheism to christian faith came about. The former legal editor draws upon his investigative skills to examine the historical viability and accuracy of the gospels found in the bible, along with personal claims and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Passion of the Prophecies deals with the promises of the past and hope for the future. Its a look into the prophecies about Jesus that were fufilled during the final week of Jesus' week on Earth. Remarkably these events were foretold by Hebrew prophets of long ago in the Old Testament in specific detail centuries before they occured.


Get these two DVDs as a gift this Easter to share the loving message of Christ through one atheist's personal journey in meeting Him for the first time and evidence through fulfilled prophecies long ago. Or as a personal tool to help strengthen your faith in Jesus

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