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The Genesis Academy

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a 12 part teaching series on Genesis 1-11

The Great Genesis Academy is a 12-part teaching series on Genesis 1-11 that can be used to help equip your church to respond to the evolutionary perspective that the Bible is just a bunch of myths.

Featuring sessions by creationists Jonathan Sarfati, Robert Carter, Gary Bates, Scott Gillis, Joel Tay, and others, each video (up to 40 minutes) is ideal for Sunday School, Bible Studies, and Sunday night screenings. Access to a free online study guide is also included for participants.

Based on Dr. Sarfati's book The Genesis Account, this series will help Christians learn about the scientific and historical evidence to support the Bible's origin account, the theological importance of taking God at His word, and the how Christians can defend Scripture.

The following sessions are included:

Why Does Genesis Matter? By Scott Gillis
Introduction to Genesis: Author, date, structure, genre by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Day 1: The creation of the world by Gary Bates
Days 2 and 3: The creation of dry land and plants by Keaton Halley
Day 4: The creation of light-givers by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Days 5 and 6: The creation of air, sea, and land creatures by Dr Robert Carter
Day 6: The creation of mankind by Gary Bates
The Fall: A cosmic catastrophe by Joel Tay
The Pre-Flood World by Dr Jonathan Sarfati
Noah's Flood and Billions of Years by Dr Robert Carter
Noah's Flood and the Ark by Keaton Halley
The Post-Flood World by Dr Robert Carter


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