The Parts We Play by Michael Jr: Hardcover Book

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Once in a Generation, A Comedian Comes Along who Speaks to Everyone…
Today, that Comedian is Known Simply as...

Michael Jr.

And Now Michael Jr. has Authored a Great Book for Kids
The Parts We Play

Family oriented comedian Michael Jr. tells the story of one little girl's trip to a fun park with her dad. On the way to Jr. Island, the parts of their car decide to quit doing their jobs. Will the little girl and her father ever make it to Jr. Island? Will the car parts ruin everyone's day? Will they learn a lesson about working together?

This challenging and entertaining book will help your children realize that no matter who they are, they will always have really important parts to play in life.


About the Author:

Imagine a line from Bugs Bunny to Bill Cosby and you'll have an idea of Michael's influences. Watch him onstage and you'll see a man at ease...with himself, his audience, and his message. Listen to his voice and you'll detect a comfortable, conversational style that hides a sly sense of mischief. Hear his words and you'll laugh at the universal themes that connect us all.

Michael Jr.'s entry into comedy was almost preordained. Years ago in a crowded Grand Rapids, Michigan movie theater, the projector malfunctioned. The film snapped, the house lights came on, and acting on a dare, young Michael jumped in front of the restless crowd and took center stage. When the theater manager tried to usher him out, the audience demanded he stay...and Michael Jr. discovered his gift.

Comedian George Wallace offered Michael his first break when he took him to the legendary Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, home of Jay Leno and The Tonight Show staff. The club s owner slipped Michael onstage...and a week later Michael was performing at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, where he became the first comedian to ever appear live via satellite on The Tonight Show. That performance catapulted Michael s career and has resulted in additional appearances on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Late, Late Show, BET, Jimmy Kimmel Live, SiTV, The Byron Allen Show, and any more.

You 'l also find him at the most prestigious comedy clubs across the nation, including The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Punchline, The Comic Strip, and Zany's. And if that's not enough, Michael s versatility takes him from major universities such as Notre Dame, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Alabama, to church events ranging from the 60,000 member Willow Creek Church in Chicago to the 17,000 member West Angeles Church in L.A. And now, you can see him in Thou Shalt Laugh, a comedy DVD released by Warner Bros.

  • Author: Michael Jr.
  • Format: Hardcover Book
  • Pages: 26
  • Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.7 x 0.5 inches
  • ISBN: 9780615141756 is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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