Tim Hawkins: I'm No Rockstar - DVD

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Rental Cars, Motels, Ironing clothes...
Tim Hawkins is No Rockstar.
But He Can Tell You the Worst Bible Verse to Put with Your Autograph.

I'm no Rockstar delivers 90 minutes of Tim Hawkins' twisted comedic arsenal including straight stand-up, acoustic guitar comedy, and full-blown rock concert bits. Recorded live at The MetroCenter in Arlington, Texas, this performance is filled with fan-favorites including:

  • Quite the Choir
  • Dollar Store
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fire Ants
  • Delilah - The Samson Version
  • Aging Rock Stars
  • The First Song Prince Ever Wrote
  • and a few song suggestions to make your wedding unforgettable

So make your own sandwich, pop open a Tab, and enjoy the show. It ain't no Oklahoma Shakespeare Festival, but it'll do...

Bonus Features:

Full Length Music Videos
  • Cletus Take the Reel
  • A Homeschool Family
  • Free Gospel Report
  • Prairie Home Sausage
  • Smells Like Birthday Cake
  • Hilarious Outtakes
  • Rejected DVD titles

Edition Details:

  • Region 1 (US and Canada Only), NTSC
  • Starring: Tim Hawkins
  • Producer / Director: Robert Sharpe
  • Format: Single DVD
  • Color, NTSC, Widescreen
  • Running Time: 90 minutes
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 662306015498

Customer Reviews:

"I highly recommend this DVD. Tim Hawkins is hilarious and it is great fun for the family."
(L. L. - TN)

"Tim Hawkins is an amazingly talented comedian/musician that does not need to stoop to crudeness to get his audience to laugh. I laughed so hard in parts of this video that I was crying. By the end of the video my sides and face hurt from laughing so hard. My teen and preteen love Hawkins every bit as much as my husband and I do. It is great to be able to sit with the whole family and laugh together."
(L. T. - WA)

"Hysterically Funny! Tim Hawkins is a nut! I think he has perfected comedy from the top of his head to the tip of his toes! Not only is his comedy knee slapping, but his facial expressions and strutting, dancing, walking--everything he does made us laugh like idiots! We've watched the video about 4 times now, and it's just as funny every time. Great, clean and funny Christian family video!"
(L. N. -WV)

"I ordered this DVD for my husband for Father's Day and it arrived in time and was in perfect shape. Thanks for helping me pull off the Father's Day surprise."
(J. M. - AR)

"Outstanding! Tim Hawkins is very funny and I highly recommend this DVD. My friends and I always enjoy watching him. His song covers are ingenious!"
(T. R. - ID)

"This is laugh-out loud funny. If I said, "pee in your pants funny," I'd be less clean than all the humor in the show. Tim Hawkins and Brian Regan prove over and over that you don't have to have a trash mouth to be funny. Tim writes from a Christian perspective but that doesn't limit it in any way, I found out. Even not knowing the music that he parodies (such as "Light My Fire") doesn't hurt since the new lyrics are stand-alone funny. I particularly enjoy the C&W song about a redneck that decides to trouble-SHOOT his computer, which I guess is based on a C&W song I'm unfamiliar with, the song is still a riot! By all means, if you want a funny take on modern life get this. It's a bonus that it is family-friendly. Tim Hawkins is an interesting comedian in that, like Red Skelton, he is also a clown--incorporating physical humor along with the jokes."
(T. R. - Florida)

"Real life stuff is always the funniest! I appreciate someone who can take the seemingly frustrating daily grind and plain stupid things we humans do and turn it into stand up comedy. Tim Hawkins is the man. No need for vulgar language or completely tearing down a group or race."
(D. D. - ND)

"This is a great DVD-family CLEAN!!! My son and his friends love it and refer to it all the time."
(H. L. - TX)

"" Tim Hawkins once again proves that humor can be clean! Our entire family (from Mom & Dad to 4 kids, ages 15 down to 7) LOVES Tim Hawkins, and we're on a quest to buy all of his DVDs. You can share them without having to qualify the content. We have howled at all of them, this one especially! Buy it! You won't regret it! Buy extra for gifts!"
(M. J. - GA)

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