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Let the Adventure Begin!
The TuneKids Have Arrived!
A Fun, Exciting and Creative Way Your Children Can Understand and Apply the Wisdom of Proverbs!

The TuneKids adventure is an entertaining and innovative approach to learning the principles of God's Word. As the TuneKids build their relationships with one another, they also learn the importance of building their relations with a personal God.

In the premier episode, the happy-go-lucky TuneKids discover the value of being honest and admitting one's own mistakes, the importance of not being proud and arrogant, and the benefits of working together when faced with difficult situations. They also learn to trust the God who made them and how to share His love with others. Throughout their adventure, the TuneKids experience, first-hand, God's love, forgiveness, and His faithfulness to them.

The TuneKids - a creative and fun way to help children understand and apply the wisdom of Proverbs in their own lives.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 10:11


Songs List:(click to listen to a 30 second sample)



  1.  We're Going Up, Up, Up
  2.  Grey & Boring
  3.  A Bad, Bad, Day
  4.  'Til I Met You
  5.  Family
  6.  God Is The One
  7.  We Are The Tunekids


  • Format:CD
  • Publisher: Randolf Productions, Inc.

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