Bulk Purchasing

Bulk Purchasing Program

Go2RPI offers Quantity Discounts for the Bulk Purchase of 10 or more units of any individual title we sell:

    • Discounts are calculated based on the List Price
    • Discounts are based on the quantity for a single title (No Mixing Titles)
    • Bulk Purchase Orders are Non-Returnable
    • Bulk Purchase Orders must be made with a Credit Card


Quantity                        Discount      
10 to 19                 20% Off List Price
20 to 29                 25% Off List Price
30 to 39                 30% Off List Price
40 to 49                 35% Off List Price
**50+                      40% Off List Price

Intelligent Design 50 Mix Pack

RPI/Christian Movie Shop offers a 40% discount off the unit List Price (varies from $14.99 to $29.95) for the purchase of at least 50 Intelligent Design DVDs in any combination ---- choose from these titles:

            • Unlocking the Mystery of Life
            • The Privileged Planet
            • The Privileged Planet/Unlocking the Mystery of Life Dual-Pack
            • Icons of Evolution
            • Where Does the Evidence Lead?
            • The Case for a Creator
            • Darwin's Dilemma
            • DNA By Design: The Origin of Life
            • Illustra Media Intelligent Design Collection
            • METAMORPHOSIS: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies
            • FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds
            • The Design of Life Volumes 1 & 2 Collector's Edition

Please call 1-800-266-7741 to place your Bulk Order
or Intelligent Design 50 Mix Pack Purchase.

Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are Available
Monday through Friday 7:00-4:00 pm Pacific Time.

Go2rpi.com is owned and operated by Randolf Productions, Ins.

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