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Gripping! Thought-Provoking! Entertaining and Informative!
The Coming Global Transformation
A Dramatic,Twenty-One Chapter, Audio Book That Wrestles with the Questions Of Skeptics and Believers.

We have been rightly called the exponential generation. Every prophetic sign is ramping up before our eyes. These are truly perilous and exciting times. In addition to the rapid increase in knowledge and transportation, we are witnessing many monumental events: A global government emerging, global tracking technology in place, lawlessness and terrorism at record levels, the Middle East in turmoil, environmental devastation of biblical proportions, etc. Besides all this, interest in the occult realm is sweeping the globe and reported paranormal activity is mushrooming.

The Coming Global Transformation tackles these distressing developments head-on by examining specific, ancient prophecies describing the last days and actual recent news reports and events that indicate a global transformation is looming.

Some of the questions that The Coming Global Transformation addresses include:


  • Are there advanced beings in the universe and are they friends or foes?
  • Is disclosure imminent?
  • Is there a sure source that tells us what the future holds?
  • What role do apparitions play in the end times?
  • Is there hope for global peace and who will usher it in?
  • Does the scientific evidence point to evolution or creation?
  • Will a New Age soon dawn? Who can save us from ourselves?
  • Why is the Middle East the epicenter and culminating point of history?
  • Will there be a Rapture and who will be removed?
  • What will happen to those who remain on earth?
  • With all the varying viewpoints how can we discern between truth and deception, good and evil?
  • Is the "real you" physical or spiritual?
  • Is there hope available to all?
The Coming Global Transformation wrestles with these issues through the eyes of believers and skeptics. It does not dodge the big questions, but deals directly with many of the most important issues facing mankind. Are you willing to follow the Truth no matter where it leads? If so, prepare to have your presuppositions challenged and your worldview forever changed. Bible prophecies are unquestionably being fulfilled; make today the day you take notice and prepare for your eternal destiny! Time is so short!

Customer Reviews:

"What a story! And what mind-changer. I was moved by the story, impressed with the use of Scripture, and blown away by the entire presentation. I will most definitely buy several copies of this wonderful CD for friends and family."
(D. R. - WA)

"I usually don't listen to audio books, but this one was given to me as a gift. The title intrigued me and so I put in my car CD player. My drive time seemed to vanish as I was pulled into the story. Whoever made this CD should be applauded! You got to hear it to understand my enthusiasm. The Global Transformation has transformed me!"
(R. R. - CA)

"What a wonderful surprise! I first heard this on the radio and was so moved that I told my wife all about it. She searched for it on the internet and we bought a copy to listen to together. It was even better the second time around! She got really involved in the story and it sparked a conversation between us about 'what do we 'really believe?' Thank you for making this incredible CD."
(S. S. - UT)

"I highly recommend this CD for anyone who is the least bit confused about the End Times. The story kept our interest and the facts were astounding."
(T.M. - TX)

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