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Igniting The Debate


Icons of Evolution

"True science and freedom of thought are inseparable, but as this new DVD shows, some scientists prefer power to truth." - Phillip Johnson, Author of Darwin on Trial

For decades, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution has been taught and accepted by mainstream educators as fact. But now, new scientific evidence is emerging that places Darwin's theory under closer scrutiny than ever before.

It's about time, isn't it? In every other area of education, students are encouraged to consider all viewpoints. But somehow, Darwin's theory has been the exception... until now.

Icons of Evolution

Icons of Evolution is a powerful and persuasive new DVD that makes the latest findings in science accessible and understandable to all of us. It gives an honest evaluation of the many flaws in the primary examples used in Darwin's theory of evolution. Leading scientists from secular universities are among those who point out the faulty logic and outdated research Darwin used in determining conclusions about the Galapagos Island finches, the "Tree of Life" and other hallmarks of the theory of evolution.

Scientists and researchers report their findings -- and tell why it's time to reevaluate what's being taught to our children in school. As one scientist remarked, "You go where the data leads you," rather than start from the conclusion of evolution in mind.

Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution


For anyone who wants to discover the exciting evidence, Icons is essential and enlightening viewing. After seeing it, you'll understand more clearly than ever why it's time for educators--and society as a whole--to discover what science is finally acknowledging: Darwin's theory is outdated at best and intelligent design should be presented as a valid alternative.

Explore the fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom, a conflict based on science, not religion. Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin.

From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution takes you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most interesting issues in American society.

The icons of evolution discussed include: Galapagos Island finches, Darwin's Tree of Evolution, fruit fly mutations, antibiotic resistant bacteria, homology (likeness of structures in different animals and man), fossil record of simple to complex, and fetal comparisons of different animals and man.

Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution
Icons of Evolution

Highly recommended by Focus on the Family and others

Icons of Evolution Icons of Evolution

DVD Special Features...

  • Chapter selection
  • Icons of Evolution
    Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions section (experts answer on DVD): What is Darwinian evolution? What do Darwinists mean by "random variation"? What is microevolution, and what is macroevolution? Is the evolution of whales from land animals a well-documented example of Darwinian evolution? What are the "Icons of Evolution"? Isn't the controversy over Darwinian evolution really about religion, not science? Is it anti-science to question Darwinian evolution? Is it good to expose students to dissenting views in science? Is it unconstitutional for a teacher to criticize Darwin's theory in the classroom? Will school districts be sued if they allow teachers to teach the scientific controversy over Darwinian evolution?
  • Text: 10 Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher
  • Recommended Resources (list of recommended books and Web sites on intelligent design theory and critiques of Darwinism)
Customer Reviews:

"For once, an objective view on critical thinking. What is so refreshing about this DVD is that it does not push a religious or "Creationist" front, as so many that strives to contradict Evolution do. Rather than approaching the debate with advocates for Creationism, it approaches the debate with advocates for Evolution (and most of them staunch evolutionists) who are willing to admit that there are some holes. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is fascinated by the questions of who are we, where are from, and where are we going. I would also recommend this to any school curriculum program, especially high school science - I can't help but wonder how much further we could have learned the principles of science, debate, and presentation, if we would have simply viewed this when I was in high school. It begs the point of fostering open discussion and personal questioning."
(R. H. - CO)

"A Devastating Blow to Darwinism. This video is compelling and convicting and is a must-have for any library - church, school or public. Buy one for yourself and lend it to your family and friends. Icons of Evolution is a devastating examination of myth that is being taught as fact. I unreservedly recommend it."
(T. C. - Ontario)

"I found this DVD to be enlightening and thought provoking - particularly in spurring further discussion and investigation into the "science" of evolution and ID. Unfortunately, there are many scientists who don't like the conclusions because of their own predispositions that only serve to hinder the advancement of scientific knowledge."
(T. J. - MO)

"Icons of Evolution should be required viewing for all high school science teachers and parents of high school students. In fact, it would probably be a good thing for high school students to watch the video themselves. The story is compelling, but the issues raised are even more important than the story itself. As a former public high school biology teacher, I'm impressed by how plainly this video lays out some of the fundamental problems with public high school science education."
(T. G. - CA)

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