25 Prophecies of the Passion Ministry Give-Away DVDs

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Promises of the Past, Hope for the Future!
A Timeless Story, Foretold by the Prophets
Fulfilled in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Prophecies of the Passion is an extraordinary look at the Messianic prophecies fulfilled during the final week of Christ’s life on earth. The Gospels clearly describe Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, death, and resurrection. Remarkably, these events were foretold by Hebrew prophets—in specific detail… centuries before they actually occurred.

An ideal companion to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, this unforgettable 58-minute documentary reveals God’s incredible plan for the redemption of humanity, and the eternal hope He offers to all who accept Jesus as the promised Messiah. "This film is a work of art. I believe many people will understand the full meaning of Christ's death and resurrection for the first time." - Lee Strobel Author of The Case for Christ.

Featuring the voice talents of John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings)

Customer Reviews:

"This is a great movie! It was AMAZING to see so many predictions in the Old Testament come to pass during the Passion week! This movie encouraged my faith and gave me hope for the future. If God can predict so many things hundreds of years before they happen… it means He most certainly has a plan for my life!"
(B. L. - UT)

"At last! A well-written, professionally produced Christian film that competes with the best Hollywood has to offer! I was so impressed that I bought several copies for friends and family! I highly recommend The Prophecies of the Passion!"
(C. D. - Monterey, CA)

"What a wonderful use of magnificent paintings by the old masters! The producers of this film were so creative to employ the inspirational paintings of the past to convey the magnitude of God's plan. If you love great art and have a relationship with our great God… you will love The Prophecies of the Passion!"
(S. J. - AZ)

"This is movie for anytime of year… not just Easter! I highly recommend this moving and dramatic film!"
(S. B. - CA)

"A Film for the whole Family! - wakens the spirit and kindles the passion of one's faith and hope in God the Father and the Son, the Christ to the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and helps gives answers to those things left unknown about the death of Jesus Christ. This is one Film the whole Family should watch!"
(R. S. - NE)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review