Alleged Errors of the Bible: Addressing Problematic Passages in Scripture/ Abridged Edition

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"How many angels were at the empty tomb?"
"Did God or Satan cause King David to sin?"
"If the Bible is God's Word, then why are there so many contradictions in it?"


Questions like these have been heard many times by those seeking to share their faith. The average believer may not always know the answer for every accusation made about the reliability of Scripture. After seeing a pamphlet circulating at a local parish listing several supposed self-contradictions in Scripture, John Haley made it his life's work to address every known discrepancy or alleged biblical contradiction he could find. In this abridged version of Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible, Haley directly addresses these questions and many other misunderstandings of Scripture. Haley directly addresses the origin of Bible discrepancies, disagreements in doctrine regarding the nature of the triune God and of mankind, and then takes on historical references of people, places, and dates. By shedding light on these disputed passages and convincingly disproving the claims of skeptics, Haley lifts the mystery surrounding the Bible and instills confidence in the believers reliance on God's written Word.

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John William Haley (1834-1927) was a late nineteenth century biblical scholar, linguist, and Christian apologist.

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