Fire-Maker & Biology of the Baroque: 2-Film DVD

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Discovery Institute Presents: Fire-Maker & Biology of the Baroque
How humans were designed to harness fire and transform our planet

From computers to airplanes to life-giving medicines, the technological marvels of our world were made possible by the human use of fire. But the use of fire itself was made possible by an array of features built into the human body and the planet.

Join biologist Michael Denton as he investigates the amazing story of how humans and our planet were exquisitely designed to harness the miraculous powers of fire and transform our planet. Fire-Maker was written and produced by John G. West.

This DVD also includes The Biology of the Baroque, a 21-minute documentary exploring the mystery of non-adaptive order in nature.

Edition Details:

  • Region 0 (Playable Everywhere), NTSC
  • Producer: Discovery Institute
  • Format: Color, Widescreen, Single DVD, NTSC
  • Running Time: Approx. 43 minutes
  • Language: English
  • UPC: 9781936599356

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