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Astronomers have spotted about 150 planets circling nearby stars since 1995, but not one is an Earth-like planet. When Carl Sagan, and other astronomers in the early 1960s, began to hypothesize about the potential for finding another planet like Earth. Excitement was high because the known parameters needed for life were very few-a small rocky planet located at a specific distance from a star of a particular mass. But in the last decade, greater precision in astronomers abilities to measure the universe has yielded a staggering list of complex requirements needed to facilitate life on any planet. Embark on an amazing journey out in space and back in time to discover whether intelligent life can exist elsewhere. Explore the astronomical evidence for a universe that is meticulously fine-tuned for the benefit of human life. Dr. Hugh Ross, astronomer and author, whisks viewers through the solar system, past stars, galaxies and quasars-all the way back to the moment when light first sprang from darkness to the beginning of time. Extra Feature: Who is The Creator? - Dr. Hugh Ross explains why the universe is not an accident but a finely tuned system that reveals characteristics about its creator. By Reasons To Believe.

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