Music Machine: Majesty of God CD

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Award Winning Children's Music!

Viewers visit the colorful garden kingdom of Agapeland in this classic music CD. Stevie and Nancy explore the realm of the Majesty the King... and they see and hear the famous Music Machine with all its bells and whistles.

A delightful production that kids will love while they're learning valuable lessons!

Features the voice of Pat Boone.

Songs List: (click to listen to a 30 second sample)

  1. The Majesty of God
  2. God Knows Everything
  3. One of a Kind of a Wonderful Life
  4. God Is So Big
  5. God Cares
  6. Here, There, Everywhere
  7. God Will Forgive
  8. Some Invisible Things Are Real
  9. A Pow-Wow-Wonderful God
  10. God Is Goodl
  11. God Is Forever
  12. The Majesty of God (reprise)

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Edition Details:

  •  Recommended for ages 2 to 7.
  •  Recommended for Public School, Private School and Homeschool use.

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