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THEO - Teaching Children God's Word
With Theo, Learning About God and Who He's Called Us to be is Easy and Fun!
Choose From the 5 Theo DVDs

Enjoy the stories and lessons of Theo, a student of God's Word. This outstanding animated series guides children and adults through a careful study of systematic theology, capturing the attention of young minds with humor and engaging animation.

You'll get to know Theo, who lives in a cozy corner of a quaint English village, and his two mouse friends, Luther and Belfry. Theo discusses doctrines of salvation, God?s character, the Bible, and godly living with entertaining illustrations that make children want to learn more about the Christian faith. Plus, Luther and Belfry always seem to find themselves in an adventure!

Theo was created to reach kids of all ages. The Gospel-centered lessons can be used for Sunday school lessons, Christian school curriculum, missions, evangelism and homeschooling. And now parents can confidently create devotional time with their families at home.

Each animated lesson is created with world-class quality and is written, animated, and produced right here in the U.S.A.

  • Volume 1: God's Love
    Episode 1: Saving Faith (approx. 9 mins.)
    Episode 2: Loving Obedience (approx. 9 mins.)
    Episode 3: Forgiveness (approx. 10 mins.)
    Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)
    Also included are two bonus features:
    • Animation Basics (approx. 70 mins.)
    • A Chat with Mike Joens, the Creator of Theo (approx. 5 mins.)
    Total Running Time: Approx. 110 mins.

  • Volume 2: God's Grace Episode 4: Armor of God (approx. 10 mins.)
    Episode 5: Redemption (approx. 10 mins.)
    Episode 6: New Birth (approx. 9 mins.)
    Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)
    Also included are four bonus features:
    • Theo's Fireplace
    • From Pencil to Pixel
    • Slideshow of Background Art
    • Overview of Shoebox Bible Theatre
    • Total Running Time: Approx. 55 mins.

  • Volume 3: God's Heart
    Episode 7: Justification (approx. 10 mins.)
    Episode 8: Adoption (approx. 10 mins.)
    Episode 9: A Day in Prayer (approx. 9 mins.)
    Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)
    Also included are two bonus features:
    • Character Design with Len Simon
    • Director Commentary with Mike Joens
    Total Running Time: Approx. 77 mins.

  • Volume 4: God's Truth
    Episode 11: Abiding in Christ (approx. 9 mins.)
    Episode 12: Light Unto My Path (approx. 11 mins.)
    Episode 13: What is the Church? (approx. 10 mins.)
    Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)
    Also included are two bonus features:
    • Introduction to Theo's Home Edition/li><
    • Director Commentary with Mike Joens
    Total Running Time: Approx. 35 mins.

  • Volume 5: God's Desire
    Episode 14: Fruit of the Spirit (approx. 11 mins.)
    Episode 15: Salvation (approx. 11 mins.)
    Episode 16: Love Thy Neighbor (approx. 10 mins.)
    Bonus episode entitled: The Good News (approx. 5 mins.)
    Also included are two bonus features:
    • Conversation with Ellie Holcomb
    • Director Commentary with Mike Joens
    Total Running Time: Approx. 47 mins.

Edition Details:

    • Region 1 (US and Canada Only), NTSC
    • Category: Children
    • Ages: 4 to 12
    • 5 DVDs
    • Running Time: varies
    • Language: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese
    • Bonus Features
    • UPC: 804671401391

Customer Reviews:

"A Great Message You'll Want Your Kids to Watch! Michael Joens is the producer and director of Theo and has produced dozens of animated commercials for Milton Bradley, Hasbro, Kenner, McDonald's and Playskool. In addition to commercial work, he produced and directed the animation segments of the award-winning series, "McGee and Me," as well as the animated "Adventures in Odyssey" for Focus on the Family. He is now using his talents to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Theo into all the world."
(P. K. - CA)

"Excellent for young children ages 2 - 12. I found this DVD to be quite adorable. My children, ages 10, 7, & 3 especially loved watching the funny antics of Belfry and Luther - the 2 mice. It is difficult to find good videos and teaching tools for children that teach about God and the Bible while also entertaining at the same time. I was pleased to see scriptures quoted throughout the segments, as well as snippets of hymns in the background. A unique way to acclimate young ones to traditional hymns and sneak in some wonderful scripture while they are entertained by the adorable mice and Bible stories. The animation is exceptionally well done. The stories are short and cute. The kids were entertained, and I was even interested in watching the whole episode with them. I highly recommend checking out this new DVD series! Click on some of the links below for more information. This DVD was released in stores on September 13th, 2011 - make sure to get a copy!!!"
(S. M. - IL)

"My husband found this DVD to teach our daughter about God and we love it! We are buying more in the series."
(M. M. - MA)

"Bought this as a gift for my grandchildren and was very pleased. Since I wanted a DVD that would span different ages, I wanted something that could keep the little ones attention but not bore the older ones. This DVD did the trick! What a good message of faith to pass on to the next generation! I would highly recommend this DVD."
(J. L. - WI)

"With a mom of two little ones, finding movies that offer a really cute story line and the teachings of God's is really important to me. I was really happy with the length of the movies not to long but just the right amount of time to get the point across. Plus, the animation was quit well. My kids have learned quit a bit from this DVD God's word and I couldn't be happier. I know personally this DVD is a much better teacher then I could be. I am sure my future little ones will love this just as much as my two little ones I have right now."
(A. M. - AZ)

"I will first say, I was expecting this to be full length like most other kids DVD's, 20-30 minutes at least. I was a little disappointed when after 5 minutes for one and 9 for the other, they were over. The content was great, just short. I will say for my younger kids it is perfect. They loved them and will watch them over and over. As mentioned above, there are two episodes, Saving Faith which was about having faith in the right things and Good News which was about salvation. Theo is a grandfather type guy and he talks straight to the kids in terms my kids can understand. I love Theo, you might remember him from McGee and Me and Adventures in Odyssey. There are also two mice who are quite funny, but I would have liked to see them more. Although, in such short stories I think they added a great touch. I think overall most parents would be somewhat disappointed at the length if purchasing just for pleasure but if used in homeschool, as a teaching tool, they would be fabulous. Also, with us being Children's Ministry Consultants, I can see these short Theo episodes being a great "go to" tool to reinforce something already being taught. They do have a Children's Church curriculum available from LifeWay Christian stores and I will be recommending it to our children church contacts for use in their preschool classes."
(A. M. - OK)

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