What is Creation Science? (The Henry Morris Signature Collection) By: Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Gary Parker (Paperback)

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Product Description

Product Description

Explore the truth of science and faith..
and what it means to you!

  • Uncover evidences of Creation in living systems
  • Unravel the questions of Creation and the laws of science
  • Understand the vanishing case for evolution science

The creation vs. evolution issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of life. Everyone is affected and everyone should know the facts.

Many Christians are not aware that many legitimate scientists embrace the Genesis explanation of origins. In What is Creation Science?, two of the most respected members of that group have given us the benefit of their knowledge.
The book itself, though technical in places, is remarkably clear, and its focus is on a fair dialogue of the issues. So much so that many thousands of readers have taken to heart Dr. Parker's challenge, to "Think About It!"
The creation/evolution question is not an issue that concerns only biologists on the one hand and religious people on the other. On one way or another, the issue permeates every field of academic study and every aspect of national life. It deals with two opposing basic worldviews - two philosophies of origins and destinies, of life and meaning. Consequently, it is (or should be) of special concern to everyone.

In the years since the initial publication of What is Creation Science?, the significance of this book cannot be overestimated. The legacy of the late Dr. Henry Morris, a committed and credentialed scientist and the enduring work of Dr. Gary Parker, put on firm footing the legitimacy of creation science research.

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Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 350
Dimensions: 8 X 5 (inches)
ISBN: 1683441613
ISBN-13: 9781683441618

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