"JESUS" DVD - Special Edition with 24 Language Special (A2L), 10 DVDS

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10 JESUS Film Ministry Give-Away DVDs
Give the Most Viewed Evangelistic Film in History!

"Fascinating... a vivid portrayal!" - Billy Graham "...meticulous attention to authenticity..." - Time Magazine "A Masterpiece... in color, motion and speech..." - Fulton J. Sheen, prior Arch Bishop Roman Catholic Church The Premiere HOME-SCHOOLING Resource! * The most historically accurate account of the life of Jesus

Since "The JESUS Film" debuted in English on Oct. 19, 1979, it has been translated into 1,500 languages and has been seen by billions of viewers from around the world. Out of the billions of people that have seen the film, there are a recorded 225 million that have indicated a decision for Christ.

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