Incredible Creatures 3-DVD Set

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Get All 3 Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution DVDs! The Incredible Creatures 3-DVD Set!

Winner International Telly Award

The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory.

This series features Dr. Jobe Martin, who for the past 20 years, has been exploring evolution vs. creation. His finding have been fascinating students around the world as he lectures on these remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution.

Have you ever wondered....

• Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves

• How certain birds can navigate over thousands of miles of ocean and never get lost?

• How fireflies and glowworms can create pure light that generates no heat?

• How great whales can dive to the bottom of the ocean without the pressure causing them to implode?

• How some creatures can be cut in half and still regenerate themselves? Even grow a new head?

• What incredible flying insect became the inspiration for the design of the helicopter?








The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series presents powerful evidence that proves that animal designs can only be attributed to a creator. They cannot possibly be explained by evolution. These programs will inspire you to look more closely at the world around you.


Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I
Incredible Creatures clips are online! Watch actual footage from the feature. (Download required)
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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution III 
Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution III clips are online! Watch actual footage from the feature. (Download required)

Edition Details:
• Number of DVD's: 3 
• UPC: 678570060450 
• Recommended if you are interested in exploring Evolution versus Creation

Volume 1:
• Bombardier Beetle 
• Giraffe 
• Woodpecker 
• Australian Incubator Bird 
• The Chicken Egg 
• Platypus 
• Black & Yellow Garden Spider 
• Gecko & Chuckwalla Lizards 
• Human Eye & Ear Drum

Volume 2:
• Whales 
• The Pacific Golden Plover 
• Dragonflies 
• Hippopotamus 
• Glowworms and Fireflies 
• Bears 
• Earthworms 
• Elephants 
• Education Dishonesty section 
• Sparrow 

Volume 3:
• Lampsylis Mussel 
• Horses 
• Ostrichs 
• Hummingbirds 
• Vestigial Organs 
• Dogs 
• Manatees 
• Elephants
• Butterflies
• A section on designs and designers
• Cuttle Fish 
• Penguins 
• Milopina Bee and vanilla 

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2 Reviews

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    Content of the chapters is, of course, excellent and very interesting. Dr. Martin's testimony and discoveries are fascinating. The information is presented pretty rapidly with quick transitions to the next subject. We are now spoiled by the superb

    Posted by Lynn Jansky on Jun 6th 2020

    Volume 1 has a damaged sound track about 15 minutes into the film and continued for over 5 minutes until I shut it off. The other volumes are fine. Could I get a replacement?

  • 5
    One of the BEST documentary shows on the absurdity of Evolution

    Posted by Scott M Potter on Mar 2nd 2018

    This is a three piece show which is narrated by a very interesting and intelligent doctor. Basically what he does is he goes around the world picking out various creatures which have amazing attributes or amazing complexities. He then explains with video footage and description all of the amazing complex systems that these animals use. When you hear the stories and see the footage you can't help it be in total awe of God's glory creating all of these features. If you have somebody especially kids who have been indoctrinated with this nonsense of survival of the fittest thinking then these are wonderful entertaining movies which will put a pause in there assumptions. It is becoming more and more obvious as science rolls forward that the idea of darwinian evolution as Darwin posed it is a bunch of unsubstantiated nonsense. People who believe such things always use long periods of time as their excuse for how these amazing complexities arose. There are some other videos on Evolution from The Discovery Institute which are great for a more science and Technical descriptive display. These are great because they're thoroughly entertaining for kids or novices. Another thing I really like about these is that there is not too much preaching or big Christian conversation in the shows. There is a little but not enough that you can't show this to your secular scientist brother-in-law. Get yourself the set of 3 and I think you will want to come back and buy some other sets to hand out to people. I have given my disks away the number of times.