Nathaniel the Grublet CD

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The Classic Favorite! Music That Conveys A Message!

In this story, Nathaniel finds himself in a difficult situation. He is faced with a decision in which he must choose to follow his dishonest brothers or to do what he knows is right. A delightful production that kids will love while learning valuable lessons! A Musical Lesson About Honesty

Song List: (Click to listen to a 30-second sample)

  1. Diddle-Daddle Day
  2. Nathaniel's Song
  3. Hip And A Hey
  4. Risky Game
  5. Father Grublet
  6. Nathaniel's Chorus
  7. No Doggie Blues
  8. In Direwood
  9. The Time Has Come For You
  10. Sunshine
  11. Majesty Was Here
  12. Father Grublet Chorus
  13. Diddle-Daddle Day (Finale)
  14. Nathaniel, Narrator, and God - Talk


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  •  Recommended for ages 2 to 7.
  •  Recommended for Public School, Private School and Homeschool use. 
  •  UPC: 095163900168

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