The Birthday Party CD

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A Musical Celebration of the Greatest Birthday of All!

The Birthday Party

A Family Favorite!

From the Producers of The Music Machine

Join Stanley Tutter and other delightful Agapeland characters, as they explore the meaning of Christmas in The Birthday Party music CD. Children ages 2-10 will love celebrating Jesus' birthday, as they listen to captivating narration and sing along to Christian songs full of praise for the King of Kings.

This captivating CD includes titles like Gift of Love, I Will Shine, I Will Sing, Hear the Chimes, Can't Help Peekin', Sparkle, Hallelujah, Peace on Earth, and more! Written by the talented producers of the best-selling Music Machine® series, The Birthday Party is great for the car or at home. Sure to become a family favorite that creates lasting memories, this heartwarming CD will take kids on a musical journey to celebrate the most wonderful season of the year!


Songs List:

  1. Hurry, Hurry
  2. There's A Party
  3. Snowflake
  4. Hallelujah, Peace on Earth
  5. Gift Of Love
  6. I Will Shine, I Will Sing
  7. Can't Help Peekin'
  8. Hear the Chimes
  9. It's A Great Day
  10. Ballerina
  11. Sparkle
  12. Rejoice

Edition Details:

  • Category: Children
  • Recommended for ages 2 to 10
  • Format: Single CD
  • Running Time: 30 minutes
  • Language: English

Customer Reviews:

"Many years ago, I purchased this Christmas tape along with an accompaniment tape and a Christmas Program with details on putting on a play. I used it a few times and it was always a hit. Sometime during the last decade, the tapes and program got lost. I'm so glad I found the CD this year! Although the accompaniment tape and the program doesn't seem to be available anymore, I was able to work with the CD and put on the play anyway. It turned out just as nice as before."
(C. M. - TX)

"My Dad bought a cassette tape of this when I was a kid. It was my absolute favorite! I was glad to see that the producers transferred it to a CD format. Now I wish they would make a video of this wonderful recording."
(R. K. - GA)
"So glad I found this! I've been looking to introduce my kids to this wonderful recording. It is every bit as good as I remember."
(N. D. - WA)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review