The Christ Quake DVD Documentary

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The Christ Quake DVD Documentary

The Bible records unexpected, unlikely physical events as bookends of the earthly life of Jesus - a mysterious star, an overwhelming earthquake. If these were actual historical events would there be evidence? Evidence we can examine today? YES, THERE WOULD. You are holding a major piece of that evidence in your hands.

Geological evidence is usually stated in terms of thousands of years or more. But our planet maintains a most peculiar and unique landform near Jerusalem - The Dead Sea, the lowest place on Planet Earth. That strange landform performs a remarkable service for scientists and historians. it acts as an enormous seismograph quietly maintaining records of earth movements in Jerusalem by individual year. This ancient database enables us to bring you the adventure of this film - seeking for ourselves the earthquake Matthew records - the Christ Quake. But more, it raises the deep mystery of that Quake's fuller meaning.


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