A Pahappahooey Island Christmas DVD

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A Must See Holiday Adventure!
A Pahappahooey Island Christmas
A Family-Friendly Feature

Ali rallies the island gang to produce the most spectacular Christmas show ever, but the nativity play gets off to a shaky start. First, everyone thinks his or her role is the most important part of the show. Then, the actors forget their lines, and baby Jesus goes missing. When the play is nearly canceled, Ali and her friends are reminded of an important holiday lesson.

Geared toward young children, this award-winning, Muppet-style series follows the adventures of Ali and her furry friends as they sing, laugh, and explore their way through their colorful island. This delightful series teaches valuable moral lessons through talented puppeteers, catchy songs, and imaginative stories that families adore.


Edition Details:

  • Region 1 (US and Canada Only), NTSC
  • Category: Children
  • Ages: 4 to 10
  • Single DVD
  • Running Time: Approx. 29 minutes
  • Language: English

Customer Reviews:

"It has something for everyone but most importantly it teaches lessons in a way that everyone can understand my son who is now 9 liked them so much I ordered these for my baby nephews as well :) Very happy with this product."
(M. M. - TN)

"What a fun DVD! And it's a perfect gift for the Christmas season. Are there going to be more Pahappahooey Island stories available soon? My grandchildren absolutely love this DVD and they are bugging me for more."
(D. A. - AZ)

"Thank you for providing a way to acquire products that I wanted to have and enjoy so very much, so, they mean a lot to me and your company means a lot to me for being the source of my knowing I can purchase products that may be very difficult to buy by going from here to there by foot or bus or car to sometimes aimlessly search for things I would like to use. I do like to support local and farther stores and I do when possible, but I know I have the joy of watching and re-watching Pahappahooey Island stories which convey Biblical outstanding lessons."
(J. V. - NY)

"Biblical truths are communicated so wonderfully in Pahappahooey Island DVDs. I first saw this program on TBN and was so taken by the characters that I decided to buy several copies for my friends so that they could share them with their kids. They loved it too!"
(R. T. - MA)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review