Pahappahooey Island Sing-A-Long CD

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23 Songs Your Kids Will Love!
Pahappahooey Island Sing-A-Long
Fun for the Entire Family!

Burst into song as you sing along with this collection of music from the Pahappahooey Island children's series. Filled with all of the characters' most delightful songs, this CD will quickly become one of your child's favorites!

From bright-eyed Ali to Millard the penguin and Hacksaw the beaver, each puppet performs cleverly written and uplifting melodies. Filled with valuable lessons, Pahappahooey Island delivers many of its moral messages through songs like Tell the Truth, Better Together, Cheaters Never Win, Show Us the Way, and Have Mercy on Me. This soundtrack features 23 charming songs.

Songs List:

  1. Pahappahooey Theme Song
  2. Road To Adventure
  3. Tootie Marie
  4. Pick A Path
  5. We're All In This Together
  6. Show Us The Way
  7. Pahappahooey Hello
  8. The Ravioli Machine Song
  9. Hide It In Your Heart
  10. Never Alone
  11. You Are My Neighbor
  12. Bitter Tess
  13. No Bitterness
  14. Super Millard
  15. There's Only Just One You
  16. Have Mercy On Me
  17. Mercy For You
  18. Tell The Truth
  19. Bowlin' Bowlin' Bowlin'
  20. The Team To Beat
  21. Cheaters Never Win
  22. On With The Show
  23. Miracle In A Manger

Edition Details:

  • Category: Children
  •  Recommended for ages 2 to 7
  • Format: Single CD
  •  Language: English

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