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Illustra Media is pleased to present a new feature-length documentary, THE CALL OF THE COSMOS. This unforgettable exploration of the universe and its Creator showcases breathtaking evidence for design and purpose in the natural world.
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The Call of the Cosmos DVD: Over 3000 years ago, Israel’s shepherd king, David looked into the deep night sky and wrote “the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.“

The Psalm writer’s inspired words tell us an important truth about God and the relationship he has with humanity: our Creator, who brought the universe into existence from nothing, speaks eloquently to us through all that he has made.

The Call of the Cosmos Film is much more than an expiration of galaxies, the stars and earth which we call home. This film is a journey to God‘s heart. Through the wonders of space The Call of the Cosmos DVD shows extraordinary glimpses of God artistry, wisdom, compassion, and power as the heavens show evidence of his existence from day today.

This awesome DVD starts with a journey from the Earth’s surface to the edge of the observable universe, over 45 billion light years away. After that, in a series of absolutely amazing episodes, we think about the origin and structure of the cosmos and the significance that we play with in it… The solar eclipses, the Aurora, an agnostic astronomer’s honest realization of a supernatural designer, and revelations of nature and scripture as they converge.

The Call of the Cosmos Film stands out among Christian Movies as an exploration of science and God’s character, and unforgettable movie with a message that will touch your heart and mind.


Running Time: 59 Mins
Format: Region 0 (All Regions Worldwide)
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5 Reviews

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    Amazing discoveries in science reveals the amazing mysteries of God's design as we look directly into the eyes of God.

    Posted by Thomas Beckwith on Jan 3rd 2020

    These videos should be shown in all the schools in our country!

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    Incredibly marvelous!

    Posted by Cynthia Carr on Oct 14th 2019

    This video gives us so much confidence in our great Creator and brings forth my tears and praise! I want to share it with friends and family who need this evidence of our great God to believe in Him and in Jesus. Thank you, than k you for this wonderful new evidence summarized in such a beautiful way!!

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    Call of the Cosmos

    Posted by Sherry on Mar 30th 2019

    I've watched it twice since I've received it, and plan on showing it to my small group in a couple of weeks. It's simply wonderful and gloriously so. The Privileged Planet was wonderful and I noted that the name of God was never mentioned thereby making it "acceptable" to the unbeliever. Call of the Cosmos is unabashedly filled with the glory of God and His praises ring throughout. It's a wonderful and fitting vehicle for the glory of our Lord.

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    Awe Inspiring!!!

    Posted by Mary MacIsaac on Mar 11th 2019

    My husband and I just finished watching. We were utterly amazed and humbled at the inifinity of the universe and the atom! Thanks so much for making sure a quality production!

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    The Call of the Cosmos

    Posted by Nerissa Thomas on Jan 30th 2019

    This video is so amazing I struggle to find the right words to praise it! I purchased the ministry package of 50 videos to give away at Christmas. Everyone who has watched it has been awed by it. I have many of the videos from GO2RPI and use them in my 3rd-5th grade Bible class. I have also used them in my homeschooling. All ages have been impressed by these videos and reaffirmed in their faith. Keep up the good work!!!