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The Illustra Media ID Trilogy is Complete! Darwin's Dilemma
The Privileged Planet
Unlocking the Mystery of Life

In 1999, Illustra Media began a project that would span more than nine years, four continents, and thousands of hours of research, writing, editing, computer animation, and location photography. The objective was to create a documentary trilogy that would present the scientific case for intelligent design. Unlocking the Mystery of Life (released in 2002) revealed compelling evidence for design at the level of molecules and cells. The Privileged Planet (2004) explored the depths of the cosmos in a memorable search for purpose in the universe. These critically-acclaimed documentaries were broadcast on PBS and translated into more than 20 languages. They have inspired and educated millions and fueled an international debate on the origin of life.

Now, on the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, Illustra Media is thrilled to announce the completion of The Illustra Media ID Trilogy.


Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record. This feature-length documentary examines the Cambrian explosion of life, one of the most remarkable events in the history of our planet. During the Cambrian period complex animals first appeared on earth fully formed in a geological instant - without evidence of any evolutionary ancestors. Audience response to advance screenings of this third DVD in the intelligent design trilogy has been outstanding.

    • "Darwin's Dilemma" completes the trilogy of powerful documentaries establishing the
       superiority of intelligent design over Darwinism. It is the capstone…and it pulls
       together arguments from the other films, adds new ones, and climaxes with a
       resounding victory for design. Any fair-minded referee would call, "game-over."
       (D. C. - Los Angeles)

Charles Darwin viewed this event as an inexplicable mystery. He had envisioned the evolution of life through a multitude of small, undirected steps. Yet, the fossil record reveals no such pattern of gradual development. Instead, early in the Cambrian period compound eyes, articulated limbs, sophisticated sensory organs and skeletons burst into existence seemingly out of nowhere.

    • "...this film is outstanding. I'm not a scientist, but the evidence and arguments were
       presented so clearly and convincingly, there's no way that Darwinian evolution can
       stand up to them. Where is the missing evidence Darwin's theory requires? It's just
       not there."
       (J. C. - North Carolina)

Filmed in the United Kingdom, China, South America and the Canadian Rockies, Darwin's Dilemma explores some of the most important fossil discoveries ever made and with them, a mystery deeper than Darwin ever imagined. For, the Cambrian explosion was actually an explosion of biological information - assembly instructions in DNA and embryonic blueprints that directed the development of the first complex animals. Information that could only be the product of foresight, purpose and intelligent design.

    • "...a magnificent program. Just superb. The animation and logic are incredible. We'll
       definitely be purchasing copies and showing them to students and faculty this fall, as
       well as at local churches and libraries."

       (A. B. - Santa Barbara, CA)

The Privileged Planet is an hour-long documentary that explores the scientific evidence for intelligent design and purpose in the universe. In the process, Earth is revealed as far more than the product of time, chance, and random natural processes.


Unlocking the Mystery of Life is the story of top-notch, contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful idea -- "the theory of intelligent design." Using state-of-the-art computer animation, this film transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design. Discover the intricacy of a microscopic bacterial rotary motor, which spins at 100,000 rpm.


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Customer Reviews

"Darwin's Dilemma completes a trilogy of powerful documentaries, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet that Illustra Media has produced to establish the superiority of intelligent design over Darwinism. In many respects it is the capstone. It pulls together arguments from the other films, adds new ones, and climaxes with a resounding victory for design, while Darwin is left whimpering in the darkness, mumbling, "I have no satisfactory answer.""
(R. W. - CA)

"One OUTSTANDING Documentary! Viewing audiences will be treated to an intriguing discussion about the possibility of detecting purpose or design in nature. The movie summarizes and illustrates key points of The Privileged Planet hypothesis that was first presented by astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez and philosopher Jay Richards in their superb book of the same title. It functions as a wonderful companion to the book and also stands upon its own as an enjoyable, first-rate film. "The Privileged Planet" contains stellar animation and good accompanying music. The film features the unforgettable John Rhys-Davies (from Indiana Jones and LOTR fame) as narrator, and his incredible voice captivates you from the opening moments of the movie."
(S. C. - Seattle, WA)

"Unlocking the Mystery of Life is great in every way: 1. It makes a compelling case for intelligent design. The "outboard motor" design in the bacterial cell itself makes the point; the DNA replication is absolutely awe-inspiring. The argument of recognizable patterns (with low probability of such patterns occurring by chance) is simple but forceful and consistent with human logic. 2. The production and computer animation are top-notch. 3. It is understandable to the average person, yet challenging to the intellectual."
(E. V. - IN)

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9 Reviews

  • 5
    Intelligent Design Collection

    Posted by Anna on Nov 30th 2020

    Arrived quickly. Incredible quality. Wish I could afford a million of them to give away.

  • 5
    Photography and subject content is excellent. The presentations are objectively presented in a scholarly fashion. There is no evangelistic overload; the viewer is left to make their own conclusions as to the truth.

    Posted by George T Cochran on Dec 10th 2019

    Excellent material for classroom use in a secular or religious setting.

  • 5
    The Intelligent Design Collection

    Posted by Robert F. Melendy, Ph.D. on Oct 10th 2019

    An most excellent and unambiguous series.

  • 5
    The Intelllgent Design Collection

    Posted by Dale Stiver on May 3rd 2019

    Beautiful photography, easy to understand automations and last but not least, an intelligent message counteracting the theory of misleading Darwinism. A breath of life giving air.

  • 5
    Purchased for replacement

    Posted by Steve Lyons on May 2nd 2019

    I lost my previous version, I use it frequently as a teaching aid in the prison. It is an excellent tool.

  • 5
    Intelligent Review of Intelligent Design

    Posted by Duane E. Hanson on Apr 26th 2019

    This series of DVDs is totally awesome and defines the irrefutable basis for intelligent design of life on earth! I have watched each of them over and over several times to make sure that I totally agree with the science as I am a career scientist myself.

  • 5
    Intelligent Design DVDS

    Posted by Dale Stiver on Apr 22nd 2019

    Beautiful photography and inspired presentation of the material.

  • 5
    Outstanding product

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 2nd 2018

    For those who want and honest scientific look at intelligent design, this is the movie set for you.

  • 5
    Intelligent Design Collection

    Posted by Jane Johannsen on Apr 9th 2016

    Excellent. I purchased this as a second set. Am lending my other set.