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The Third Film in Illustra Media's Intelligent Design Trilogy!
Darwin's Dilemma

Darwin's Dilemma examines what many consider to be the most powerful refutation of Darwinian evolution - the Cambrian fossil record.

Charles Darwin realized that the fossil evidence did not support his theory of gradual, step-by-step evolutionary development. He hoped that future generations of scientists would make the discoveries necessary to validate his ideas.

Today, after more than 150 years of exploration fossil evidence of slow, incremental biological change has yet to be excavated. Instead, we find a picture of the rapid appearance of fully developed, complex organisms during the outset of the Cambrian geological era. Organisms that embody the major animal body plans that exist today. This remarkable explosion of life is truly Darwin's Dilemma and is best explained by the existence of a transcendent intelligence.

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Customer Reviews:

"Wow, wow, wow! This is awesome. How can Darwin hold up his head after this? I mean, any fair-minded referee would call "Game over" by the time that Dawkins quote comes on-screen, saying, "Without gradualism, we are back to a miracle." But that's when the grand finale is just getting warmed up. It's like, "you ain't seen nothin' yet!" More arguments for design keep coming, one after the other, at a quickening tempo, like a dozen linebackers piling on a pipsqueak, till there is just no room left for him to breathe. Like Sternberg says, "by this time, you've left the improbability of a cell by chance way, way back in the dust" and yet the argument keeps growing."
(D. C. - CA)

"For what it's worth, I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in biology, and have been a professional scientist for almost 15 years. I was not really raised a Christian, and was taught to be a Darwinian evolutionist/atheist in the secular universities that I attended (all scientific theories were to be questioned... except for Darwin's - his theory was off-limits). I now fully understand that Darwin's theory has been "protected" from rigorous scientific scrutiny - because if it were not, it would completely collapse due to lack scientific support for its most basic and fundamental principles. Your productions have played a major role in my understanding of this issue, and my personal journey in discovering the TRUE "origin of species". A weak, pseudo-science challenge to evolution would not have convinced me - but, the science behind your productions is first-rate, and would absolutely survive rigorous scrutiny (it definitely survived mine). Please don't underestimate the impact of your work. You guys are changing minds and hearts. Thank you for what you're doing, and please keep the productions coming...I look forward to adding the next one to my collection. "
(D.S. - CA)

"We thank you for your perseverence in following our Lord's will in producing such exquisitely presented education with a biblical perspective! I am a grandmother of 2, Chloe 5 and Jeremy 4. We have learned so much from each of your previous treasured dvd's (we have them all!). Chloe recognizes and basically understands DNA from your Unlocking The Mystery of Life DVD, and we were all enamored with the Privileged Planet, what a tremendous blessing you all are in His eyes and those that thirsted for such knowledge from our Creator's perspective! Because of your Icons of Evolution and Darwin's Dilemma they are aware of the fallacies and suppositions of the humanist's views...thank you for helping me to educate His precious one's with His Truth revealing the lies that satan plants, YOU ARE ALL LOVED!
(J.B. - CA)

"Darwin's Dilemma completes a trilogy of powerful documentaries, Unlocking the Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet that Illustra Media has produced to establish the superiority of intelligent design over Darwinism. In many respects it is the capstone. It pulls together arguments from the other films, adds new ones, and climaxes with a resounding victory for design, while Darwin is left whimpering in the darkness, mumbling, "I have no satisfactory answer.""
(R. W. - CA)

"Darwin's Dilemma showcases the incredible talent at Illustra Media. A thought-provoking argument, powerful music, lifelike animation, excellent photography, compelling interviews, insightful editing, and remarkable pacing and flow . . . it is so good, calling it first class would be demeaning."
(K. R. - MN)

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    Posted by Steve Lyons on Jan 6th 2020

    Showing in Prison system as Creation training video. Great reception, great reviews.