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No Evolution Bias! Creation Friendly!
Award Winning Nature Programs!

Many Christians love to observe the natural world of creation, but when they watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel they are bombarded by evolutionary assumptions and bias. Now there is an answer.

The Explore the Wildlife Kingdom series captures that mystery, adventure and drama of life in the wild like no other animal series. Join a safari to the farthest reaches of the globe. Explore the secrets of nature's incredible design. Journey into the kingdom of creation, to a place where nature tells its own story... and all through the lens of some of the finest wildlife photographers in the world.

The cougar, or mountain lion, is secretive and solitary, inhabiting the remote regions of the Rocky Mountains where man rarely ventures. Cougars can lap forward over 40 feet and jump 18 feet straight up in the air. Their stealth and skill as a mountain hunter are legendary but rarely witnessed.

Wildlife filmmaker Jim Dutcher and Dr. Morris Hornocker, the world's leading mountain lion expert, spent two years in the wilds of Idaho to produce this rare and intimate portrait of a five year old cougar and her three kittens. Through spectacular photography, the elusive cougar is revealed as both predator and guardian, a mysterious phantom in nature's hidden world.

"Sights so dazzling they almost look unreal." - USA Today
" ... undeniable watchable and effective, and well worth watching" - The New York Post
"Cougar, an often breathtaking documentary" - People Magazine

Hosted by Grant Goodeve - best know for playing the role of David, the oldest son, on Eight is Enough for five seasons. Grant also appeared on the television program Northern Exposure, One Life To Live , and hosts If Walls Could Talk on Home and Garden Television, and the HGTV specials Homes of Our Heritage, Log Home: An American Tradition.


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"This was a cute work. You get to see baby cougars and coo over them. The narrator eventually explains why they have spots when their mother does not."
(J. M. - IL)

"A focus on the cats in Florida may have inspired environmentalists and others who promote biodiversity more. Good job!"
(L. J. - CT)

"I learned so much about cougars. I wish there were more documentaries like this one. You gotta see it!"
(L. L. - CT)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review