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No Evolution Bias! Creation Friendly!
Award Winning Nature Programs!

Probably no other sea animal has captured our affection and attention like the dolphin. Its intelligence and athleticism has fascinated observers for years. Dolphins seem to exhibit a friendly willingness to cooperate with humans, something very rare in the wild animal kingdom. We think we know them... racing through aquariums and performing at marine parks. But dolphins are more complex animals, with the capacity for language and affection.

In Dolphins: Tribes of the Sea you will travel the world to see how dolphin groups in different locales interact with humans. You'll also visit researchers as they discover just how intelligent, clever and intuitive dolphins really are.

Many Christians love to observe the natural world of creation, but when they watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel they are bombarded by evolutionary assumptions and bias.

Now there is an answer.

Explore the Wildlife Kingdom is an amazing new series that captures in stunning detail the created animal kingdom. This award winning series, captured by the finest wildlife photographers in the world, will take you on an exploration of the wild that you will never forget.

Hosted by Grant Goodeve - best know for playing the role of David, the oldest son, on Eight is Enough for five seasons. Grant also appeared on the television program Northern Exposure, One Life To Live , and hosts If Walls Could Talk on Home and Garden Television, and the HGTV specials Homes of Our Heritage, Log Home: An American Tradition


Customer Reviews

"This is hands down the best DVD about dolphins I have seen. Grant Goodeve is a great narrator, and the information about dolphins you will get here is timely, in-depth, and well written."
(J. N. - OR)

"Excellent DVD! This DVD was purchased for an autistic child as he loves dolphins. Great addition to educational materials for him. Pictures and footage are great."
(T. P. - Bayside, WI)

"Great photography - a look inside dolphin intelligence! This DVD is a solid collection of dolphin encounters, stories of people who have formed relationships with dolphins, dolphins in the wild, and dolphin intelligence observations (which are truly impressive). This is well worth the money. It's also a good film to watch to calm down or just to relax."
(M. E. - NJ)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review