Explore Wildlife Kingdom: Wildebeest DVD

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No Evolution Bias! Creation Friendly!
Award Winning Nature Programs!

Many Christians love to observe the natural world of creation, but when they watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel they are bombarded by evolutionary assumptions and bias. Now there is an answer.

Explore the Wildlife Kingdom is an amazing new series that captures in stunning detail the created animal kingdom. This award winning series, captured by the finest wildlife photographers in the world, will take you on an exploration of the wild that you will never forget.

"Sights so dazzling they almost look unreal." - USA Today
" ...undeniable watchable and effective, and well worth watching." - The New York Post
" ...often breathtaking... " - People Magazine

Hosted by Grant Goodeve - best know for playing the role of David, the oldest son, on Eight is Enough for five seasons. Grant also appeared on the television program Northern Exposure, One Life To Live , and hosts If Walls Could Talk on Home and Garden Television, and the HGTV specials Homes of Our Heritage, Log Home: An American Tradition.


Customer Reviews

"Very impressed with the production especially since it left out any reference to the evolution illusion - refreshing - a must see!"
(W. T. - CA)

"Wildebeest; science and drama. Incredible filming! This documentary takes you through most of a year in the life of a herd of wildebeest. The filming is done very well, giving the viewer an excellent view of the plains of Africa."
(D. D. - WA)

"I love this video! It completely illustrates the Savannah biome. It shows all types of "relationships" among organisms (predation, parasitism, and mutualism). It allows great discussions on food webs and food chains. But most of all it is riveting. It holds the attention of EVERYONE, kids and adults alike. It can be a bit gruesome and even sad - but these are needed in the illustration of the life (and death) of the wildebeest. Everything loves the wildebeest, they must taste like honey."
(M. O. - Orange County, CA)

Customer Reviews

(No reviews yet) Write a Review