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The Jesus Controversy in History
100 Page, Full-Color Magazine Illustrated with Dramatic Photos and Contemporary Graphics

Archeological and historical evidence reveals the truth about Jesus of Nazareth, and the claims of Christianity. Is there an ancient conspiracy to cover up the truth about Jesus? Was he really the son of God or just another religious leader from Israel ? What secrets are found in The Da Vinci Code ?

Y-Jesus is a contemporary magazine that deals with the tough questions about the man who has influenced history more than any other, Jesus Christ. Some of the questions it addresses are: How does Jesus Christ differ from other religious leaders such as Buddha and Muhammad? Did Jesus even exist?

If he really did exist, is The Da Vinci Code right when it claims his deity was a fabrication of Constantine and the fourth century church? And is the Jesus Seminar right when they state that his miraculous deeds are legendary?

Is there really any evidence for Jesus' bodily resurrection, or has the case gone cold after nearly 2,000 years? Some skeptics believe it is all just a Sunday school story. If so, it has deceived billions. Many believe that Jesus Christ was merely a great religious leader. Is that conclusion possible? Many who viewed the brutality of The Passion of the Christ movie wonder why Jesus willingly went through all the pain and agony of the cross. Are there solid answers that we can understand---or is it just a mystery?

These and many other questions are dealt with factually and head-on in Y-Jesus , a single-issue magazine that deals with the evidence regarding the most controversial person who ever lived. This 100 page, full-color, 8.5X11 magazine, illustrated with dramatic photos and contemporary graphics, will help both youth and adults understand the evidence regarding Jesus Christ and his radical claims.

This is a great resource for those who want to know more about the most influential person in history.


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