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Accident or Intelligent Design?
100 Page, Full-Color Magazine Illustrated with Dramatic Photos and Contemporary Graphics

New scientific discoveries fuel the debate about the beginning of the universe and human evolution. How does science support the theories of Charles Darwin? Are there answers in Genesis? What do fossils, DNA, and black holes in space reveal about our beginnings? Is science an enemy or friend of those who believe in God? That depends on who you listen to. Darwin said life was merely the result of accidental evolution. Many scientists have become dogmatic about their belief in Darwin 's theory, and feel threatened by those who present evidence against it.

However, startling new scientific discoveries have convinced many agnostic and even some atheistic scientists that life is not the result of chance evolution, but rather is the result of intelligent design. Most of us have been kept in the dark about their conclusions---until recently.

In the Y- Origins single-issue magazine, we reveal what leading scientists are now saying about the big bang, DNA, and the intricate complexity of life. The scientific evidence from over 100 leading books and publications is summarized in Y-Origins in an easy-to-read manner. Y- Origins has been reviewed by PhDs in astronomy and biology, as well as members of the intelligent design community. You don't have to be scientific to understand the main issues of the intelligent design vs. accidental evolution debate.

This 100 page, full-color, 8.5X11 magazine, illustrated with dramatic photos and contemporary graphics, will help both youth and adults understand the opposing sides of the intelligent design issue so that their decisions about God and their purpose in life can be based upon solid intellectual facts.

This is a great resource for study groups or to give to friends and family members who are wrestling with these foundational issues.


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