Dismantled DVD A scientific deconstruction of the theory of evolution

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Reference: 30-9-694
Product Status: New
Product Audience: High School-Adult
Presenter: Dr Robert Carter & Dr John Sanford
Length: 93 Minutes
Format: DVD

Education systems and the media have repeatedly told us that humans and all living creatures evolved from a single-celled organism through random copying errors in the DNA (called mutations) and the reproductive filter of natural selection. This allegedly occurred over billions of years through unguided natural processes. Furthermore, we are told that the fossil record leaves no doubt that mankind evolved from ape-like creatures. Famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye tell us that we need to face the facts—we’re nothing more than an organized assemblage of biomolecules: there is no ultimate basis for morality, no ultimate meaning to life, no free will, and no life after death; humans have no soul and we will never stand before God to give an account for our lives. As Dawkins says, “DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.” But what if the story we’ve been told about our alleged evolutionary ancestry is wrong, and the latest findings from modern genetics effectively falsify it? Would you believe it?

Also Featuring: Dr Jason Lisle, Dr Andrew Snelling, Dr Nathaniel Jeanson, Dr Georgia Purdom & Christopher Rupe

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