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A Biblical Examination of the Queen of Heaven's Messages In the End Times!

Reports of paranormal and super-natural activity are on the rise worldwide.

For instance, tens of millions visit, apparition sites hoping to encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Many believe that these increasing manifestations signal the advent of a new era on earth.

  • Our Lady of Fatima candlelight procession
  •  Zeitoun, Egypt, Apparition
  •  A Bleeding Eucharist

Thousands of messages from the apparition of Mary indicate that we are entering a critical moment in world history - cataclysmic changes may soon occur.

Those who follow the apparitions believe Mary has come to turn us back to God, while others insist that these events are either fabrications of the working of Satan.

  •  Does the Bible anticipate apparitions, signs and wonders in the last days? 
  •  Does the Word of God reveal the origin of these phenomena? 
  •  How might the apparition of Mary and other paranormal events transform the world in the third millennium?

  • Author: Jim Tetlow
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Eternal Productions
  • Pages: 271
  • ISBN: 9780971756106

Customer Reviews

"It's not Mary's fault, as she enjoys her own reward in Heaven, but, as this book reveals, Satan uses her image to derail the worship of millions of well-intentioned Christians from the True God. The key is that the Bible predicted and shows that the "Queen of Heaven" will be Satan masquerading (see Jeremiah & Revelation). This book is a must for anyone interested in the questions about Marian apparitions."
(R. B. - NV)

"This book powerfully and clearly reveals the biblical truth behind apparitions which are being seen around the world - apparitions which many believe to be "the virgin Mary". The book is troubling at times, but very well done. It was actually better than I thought it would be."
(J. L. - MN)

"I think this book would be an incredible tool for reaching Catholic people because it is very gentle in the way that it exposes the Catholic church and the lying signs and wonders, and is formatted in a way that is reminiscent of ETWN or other Catholic resources. It doesn't harshly condemn, it simply provides Scripture after Scripture."
(P. J. - NY)

"I do not have a Catholic background so the information in this book was very helpful in how these events relate to sound biblical teachings and theology. This is an excellent book to have in your collection if you consider yourself a bible student."
(H. N. - MT)

"This book would be most helpful in giving the reader a general overview of both sides of the apparition issue. Because it's written from a Protestant perspective, it will probably not be as effective in changing the views of those with positive apparition experiences or those with entrenched mindsets on the apparition issue. However, it provides ample information for the thoughtful reader to consider when evaluating Marian apparitions."
(A. R. - MI)

Customer Reviews

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    What an eye opener!

    Posted by Janice Luurs on May 21st 2019

    I have catholic family members so I never gave much credence to accusations that the catholic church would be the vehicle through which the end-times one-world religion would be introduced. I was interested in this book because of the rising reports of apparitions supposedly of "Mary" the mother of Jesus, accompanied with wonders, signs and miracles, that are happening in greater number around the world. I attend a conservative Baptist church and we study the end time prophecies as revealed in scripture. After reading this book I was saddened and shocked by how swiftly and easily Satan is blinding the eyes of even those who are Christians, into the frightening takeover of peoples faith, turning them to the worship of "Mary" the mother of Jesus, instead of pointing everyone to Jesus, the ONLY Savior of the world.
    The apparitions are claiming to have every divine characteristic of Jesus and leading people instead to believe that accepting these apparitions as "divine" will bring us world peace and as scripture warns, one-world religion! They mimic religion by encouraging people to pray, read the bible, and be good people. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, charismatic Christians, and the Pope are being led by the lies of these evil Satan-sent apparitions.
    It is a must read for anyone who wants to know how Satan plans the takeover of the churches, even the faithful, if possible. I couldn't put it down. I read it in one afternoon. I was very grateful for the accompanying scripture that refutes the messages of the apparitions and gives me answers to those who are being drawn into this frightening end-time event. I now have the tools to use to point out the deception and how very close we are to the end of this age. Are you prepared? Read this book to determine your answer!
    Thank you Jim Tetlow for a revealing look into the plans of Satan and what we must do to be prepared for these events.
    I look forward to reading the sequel as soon as it is published. Upon Mr. Tetlow's recommendation I have ordered three other books written by various Christian authors that also address this issue.
    Based on scripture these books should reinforce what I am learning about this world-wide deception.
    You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to read this book and even get the DVD, to better understand the truth of the "Messages from Heaven".