The Heavens Declare Episode 2: Challenges to the Big Bang VOD

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This episode introduces scientific challenges to the Big Bang theory. The experts address the suggestion by Christians that God could have used the Big Bang and why there are many reasons to reject that idea. They finish off the episode by talking about why the Biblical model works better with the evidence and how we can reconcile science with the Bible.

  1. What is the Big Bang?
  2. Main Assumptions of the Big Bang
  3. Could God Have Used the Big Bang?
  4. Why Was The Big Bang Proposed?
  5. Where Did The Energy Come From?
  6. Why Is There Cosmic Background Radiation?
  7. How the Horizon Problem Challenges the Big Bang
  8. The Matter and Anti-Matter Challenge
  9. The Challenges with Galaxies Forming in Big Bang
  10. The Big Bang Challenged by Rotating Galaxies
  11. Grasping to Save the Big Bang Theory
  12. End of the Universe in the Big Bang
  13. Why the Biblical Model Works Better
  14. Reconciling Science and the Bible

Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Outtake Reel
  • Scientists Testimonies
  • ASM DVD Previews/Trailers
  • Interview with Kyle Justice
  • Vision for the series
  • Contacting the Scientists
  • Planning out the series
  • Shooting the interviews
  • Writing the episodes
  • Shooting Host Segments
  • Editing
  • Graphics
  • Episode Specific
  • Conclusion

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