Fernando Ortega in Concert: Meditations of the Heart - DVD

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Fernando's Live Concert DVD Release!
Meditations of the Heart

This inspiring worship DVD weaves poetic lyrics, moving melodies, and refreshing images of God's creation into an exceptional tapestry of praise. It's Fernando Ortega in concert as you've never seen him before. What an extraordinary worship experience!

As Fernando shares on center stage, there's no doubt that God is in the spotlight, encouraging every viewer to move closer through the meditations of his or her heart.

The music of Fernando Ortega resonates with moods and memories rooted deeply in the Spanish melodies of his grandfather as well as classical sources, folk-rock and early American church hymns.

Descended from a distinguished line of gifted, creative artisans, Fernando places a high priority on artistic excellence. His God-breathed talent as a master storyteller, gifted vocalist, and worship leader has already earned him a devoted following plus several Dove Awards and #1 singles.

This DVD contains extra features to enhance the viewing experience:

  • "Live" concert option with individual, song-to-song selections
  • Biographical Information
  • Seven (7) Music Video style productions featuring beautiful scenes from God's creation 


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