Fernando Ortega: Meditations of the Heart Piano Instrumental - CD

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Fernando Ortega displays his tender musicians heart in two piano solo albums that will touch you deeply!

As in all of Fernando Ortega's recordings, his music resounds with feelings and memories rooted in the Spanish melodies of his grandfather as well as classical sources, folk-rock and early American church hymns. Fernando began playing piano at the age of eight and went on to study classical piano at the University of New Mexico. His musical inventiveness and tender touch combine to create two incredible solo piano recordings. In these album collections of outstanding piano solos, Fernando creates a peaceful and contemplative environment to encourage the meditations of your heart. All of the original piano solo performances are rendered in majestic simplicity by Fernando and are played on the warm strings and rich woods of a nine-foot Steinway grand piano. These are must have recordings for every Fernando Ortega fan! Each album sold separately.

Song List: (Click to listen to a 30-second sample)

  1. Sacrifice Of Praise
  2. Living Water
  3. Morningstar
  4. Family
  5. I Love To Praise Your Name
  6. As For Us
  7. Lift Your Hearts
  8. Your Voice
  9. Into Your Presence
  10. Eyes Of A Child
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